All great VOC interviews are alike; every unhappy interview is unhappy in its own way.

With apologies to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina… all great voice-of-customer interviews are alike in the same way: The customer is talking during most of the interview. And they are talking about those outcomes (desired end results) they want to talk about. Anything else is clutter, much of which leads to unhappiness.

More in article, The Missing Objective in B2B VOC (Originally published in B2B Organic Growth Newsletter)

My first rule of battles: You can’t win one you don’t know you are in.

In the 1970’s, Detroit automakers didn’t realize they were in a battle for quality… but Toyota did. Do you know if your company is in a battle for innovation? One way to find out is to wait until a competitor upends your market with a blockbuster. Another is to start building innovation capabilities first.

More in white paper, Catch the Innovation Wave (page 3)