An advantage is no advantage unless you take advantage of it.

Here’s the “B2B Advantage”: Your customers can offer more insight than end-consumers due to their knowledge, interest, objectivity and foresight. But if your company uses hand-me-down consumer goods voice-of-customer methods, you’ve ignored your own advantage. Your competitors may not.

More in white paper, Catch the Innovation Wave (page 7).

Avoid the commodity death spiral at all costs.

Imagine your business stopped innovating, your profits declined, and it is now budgeting time. To salvage next year, you’ll likely cut long-term costs, e.g. R&D or marketing, further reducing your ability to create high-value products. Next year, you’ll have even fewer options. This results in death or irrelevancy. If you’ve started this spiral, pull out quickly.

More in article, The Commodity Death Spiral (Originally published in B2B Organic Growth Newsletter).

Don’t like what’s coming out of your extruder? Better check what’s going into your feed hopper.

Most financial business reviews are like standing around the output die, exhorting the extruder to do better. But nobody’s checking the feed hopper. It looks like an intelligent meeting, discussing gross margins, price increases and growth rates. But these were predetermined years earlier, largely by your new products, what you put into the feed hopper.

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Don’t limit your thinking with a premature Lean Startup hypothesis.

Lean Startup is a powerful approach for quickly testing assumptions and minimum viable products. But B2B customers can articulate their needs in amazing detail—if you know how to ask. If you start with your ideas, instead of diverging to all customer outcomes, you may be converging prematurely and limiting your possibilities.

More in white paper, Lean Startup for B2B (page 2).