About this blog

Less reading. More thinking. That’s my goal. I’m picturing you reading this blog in two sips of your coffee, and thinking, “hmmm…” for the rest of the mug. I only post on Friday’s, so perhaps these will lead you to new insights over your weekends.

Not only are these blog posts short, they’re highly focused. This blog is all about the future of customer-facing B2B innovation.

Imagine vaulting 20 years into the future. Looking back to the present, what B2B innovation practices would make you chuckle … cringe … marvel that they went unchallenged? These are today’s “awkward realities” and we’ll challenge them here together. I believe future innovators will find these and many other current-day practices “awkward”…

  • Companies squander half their R&D resources on projects destined to fail.
  • Insightful, interested, rational B2B customers are treated like B2C consumers.
  • Stage-and-gate processes start with suppliers’ ideas, not market needs.
  • Sales reps are rewarded only for selling, not learning about customer needs.
  • Commercial risk is accepted when beginning the development stage.
  • Short-term actions routinely sabotage the firm’s sustainable organic growth.
  • Suppliers use customer interviews to validate their pre-conceived hypotheses.
  • Unfiltered quantitative customer input is not required before R&D begins.

What if your company understood today what companies in the future will regard as obvious? What if your business recognized current realities as not only awkward, but as a mindset preventing what all companies seek: profitable, sustainable organic growth? I look forward to hearing your views as we poke at our foibles and peek at our future.

Dan Adams
Founder, The AIM Institute